In mid-September 2011, Reloading Images participated to a Partnership Panel that took place in Istanbul in the framework of “Tandem – Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey – European Union”.

After intense training sessions, brainstorming and meetings, Roberto Cavallini (Reloading Images) and Tuna Yilmaz (IKSTD) proposed a collaborative project between the cities of Trento (Italy) and Izmir (Turkey). The project starts in November 2011 with the first two weeks of pre-production in Berlin and Trento, followed by another two weeks of implementation in Turkey in Spring 2012. For more news and infos in general about the Tandem constellation and specifically about our project, please visit the new Tandem Turkey website.

Tandem Turkey is a new initiative by Stiftung Mercator (Essen) and the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) together with MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul) and Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul). It offers the chance for 15 cultural organisations based in Germany and other EU countries to create a co-production together with Turkish partner organisations specifically from Anatolian cities. The project extends far beyond the core elements of international understanding and provides the opportunity for participating cultural managers to get real insights into Turkey’s cultural scene.